Joshua Wilkosz

Melbourne Connect Co-Working provides a supportive environment to enable day-to-day tasks and communication, from a quiet workspace to ping-pong tables for the afternoon break, it is a good experience.

Genesis Pre Seed Fund | Tom

A lot of the companies and researchers we work with are in or around the Melbourne Connect precinct. It’s also a really flexible space that suits our team’s mode of working. Being a member of Melbourne Connect Co-working has been great – certainly more efficient as far as coordinating meeting locations and having a single collaborative spot for our team.

Tungsten Structures | Lahiru

Melbourne Connect has provided us with an open motivating work environment that encourages collaboration. Furthermore, it offers various work environments if we would like a change in scenery during the workday. We have found the staff at Melbourne Connect super helpful and understanding during the setup stages, and everything was up and running within days without a hitch.

Innovation Spotlight: Melbourne Data Analytics Platform

The Melbourne Data Analytics Platform (MDAP) was created in 2019 as part of the Petascale Campus Initiative to support data-intensive research at the University of Melbourne. MDAP’s mission is to enable research impact by providing expertise in data analytics and computational skills across all disciplines. The team consists of 20 specialists from diverse backgrounds who… Continue reading Innovation Spotlight: Melbourne Data Analytics Platform

Podcast Studio

Dear EQI – Equality at Work Podcast The Equality Institute is a global feminist agency working to advance gender equality and end violence against women and girls. They have been using the Podcast Studio at Melbourne Connect Co-working to record episodes for their podcast series: Dear EQI. An advice show, for your lunch hourIn each… Continue reading Podcast Studio

The Heart

The Heart, a new large-scale permanent art installation that responds to the pulse of the Melbourne Connect community, was officially launched today. The site-responsive and data-driven artwork in the foyer of Melbourne Connect combines custom hardware and artificial intelligence elements to represent the sensations of the building. Conceptualised by artist Dr Robert Walton from The… Continue reading The Heart

Podcast Studio at
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