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Virtual Office: How it Works and Why You Could Benefit

Are you looking to give your small business or entrepreneurial venture a more professional edge? Making the leap to an office can be costly and often unattainable for many business owners. But there is a way to bridge the gap and allow your business more time to establish itself financially: virtual office rental.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office — also referred to as a virtual business address — is a service that provides a non-residential address for small and medium businesses to use in their advertising and as a contact point. Instead of incurring the expense of renting or buying a physical office space, a virtual address for business allows people to continue completing their work from an alternative location without potential clients or other business connections knowing. 

A virtual office address is particularly beneficial for businesses in their earlier stages that may be operating out of home or without a fixed office. These businesses might be overlooked for lacking a professional presence. A virtual office address ensures that their products or services are given fair consideration by potential clients.

How do virtual offices work?

Using virtual office services is the perfect way to grow your business’ credibility and reputation without compromising your financial situation. Virtual office packages are more affordable than renting a physical space or paying for a co-working membership, yet they offer a number of practical benefits, such as a reception service, a landline phone number, and mail forwarding service.

In this setup, employees and team members have the freedom to work from anywhere they choose without concern for potential clients’ perceptions. In the early stages of business development, this flexibility and affordability are invaluable assets.

Virtual office benefits

A virtual office solution might not suit every business, but it is often an ideal initial step that offers a host of advantages any business would appreciate.

Enhanced professional image

A strong professional image is essential for businesses of any size, small or large. A virtual office helps maintain the legitimacy and credibility of your business while keeping your personal home address and phone number private. Renting a virtual office provides you with a physical address you can use to receive mail or display on your Google Business Profile, enhancing your presence and minimising your overhead costs. Additionally, a virtual office address service gives you mail handling and phone answering by a reception team, filtering your incoming communications, and saving you time and energy.

Cost effective

Without a physical office, business leaders can significantly reduce costs. By eliminating expenses for rent, office supplies, and utilities, businesses can save substantially. Additionally, virtual office users avoid the need to purchase furniture or cover maintenance expenses for a physical location.

Instead, business owners and team members can benefit from personalised workspaces in co-working environments or in the comfort of their home. By opting for a virtual office service, business owners free up resources that can be invested in other areas of the business, such as marketing, lead generation or hiring.


A virtual office allows you the opportunity to work wherever you feel most comfortable and productive. Many virtual office solutions also provide access to a co-working or shared business space, offering additional flexibility to book meeting rooms to meet with clients or partners, or even rent an office for the day. This arrangement maximises efficiency and productivity of an online team. 

A virtual office package means company owners don’t have to commit to one location for a long period of time, and can maintain flexibility as their business expands. Additionally, employees may not need to commute to the office every day, helping to save time and often having a positive impact on attitudes and motivation.

Who do virtual offices suit?

A virtual office space is primarily tailored for small and medium businesses in the early stages of growth, but it is not limited to these types of enterprises. Other beneficiaries include third-party professionals who work out of a client’s space, but wish to remain an independent identity, or sole traders who need administrative support but can’t afford to hire a full employee.

Virtual addresses also provide a lot of malleability for larger businesses, particularly those that are expanding into a new city or country. Having an address in these locations can enhance trust and credibility. Similarly, salespeople who are regularly travelling can utilise a virtual address to streamline administrative tasks and provide a secure workspace between destinations.

Things to consider

If you’re considering a virtual office, there are a few factors to consider before making your decision. We recommend asking these questions:

  • How long are you signing up for? Annual or extended contracts can be beneficial depending on your situation. However, it’s worthwhile considering your business’s current position and potential for rapid growth in the near future. In such cases, a month-to-month subscription or a more flexible scaling option might be preferable.
  • Are you allowed to access the space and use its facilities? If your virtual address is associated with a shared working space, there’s a good chance you’ll have the option to use the office facilities as needed. Check with the provider about the inclusions in your package and the facilities available for your use.
  • How many locations are you able to use? If the provider has multiple locations, you might be able to move between them, making it easier to meet with different clients or business partners.

A leading virtual office in Melbourne

At Melbourne Connect Co-Working, we offer a Melbourne virtual office for your business to use as its base of operations, as well as a variety of memberships as you scale up. Our unique space offers a selection of flexible private suites, dedicated desks, meeting rooms, project spaces, media studios and event spaces for individuals, start-ups and enterprises seeking an inspiring and creative environment. 

If you choose our virtual office package, you will enjoy many of the perks of our facility and the benefits of our premium location in Carlton. Our space will help you make the best first impression for your business.

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