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Q: What is Melbourne Connect Co-working?
We are the new Co-working solution by The University of Melbourne.
Designed to bring Innovators from multiple disciplines together to connect, thrive and succeed. We feature a wide range of flexible private and Co-working memberships and networking opportunities to spark collaboration. On top of this, we offer high-quality tech and services and a dedicated support team. 

Q: Do companies need to be of a specific size or industry?
We invite a range of different-sized companies, from individuals through to larger, more established organisations and across several suitable industries. Our current Community consists of business professionals,
entrepreneurs, researchers, creators, policymakers, university students, and other innovators.


Q: How long is my membership commitment?
Flexibility is at the core of what we do. Our memberships range from a month-to-month solution to 24-month options.


Q: Is there a setup fee?
Dedicated and Flex Desk Memberships have a one-time setup fee of
$100 per person. Private Offices have a one-time setup fee of $200 per person. Yes, we have set up payments that help us ensure your onboarding process happens seamlessly.


Q: What are the different memberships offered?
Our memberships offer a wide range of solutions to suit all types of
modern work styles, these include:

  • Private Office
  • Dedicated Desk
  • Flex Desk
  • Causal Desk
  • Virtual Address


Q: Am I able to upgrade my office if my team expands and I need
More space?
Yes – we offer complete flexibility, meaning you can upgrade, add or change your space to cater to your changing needs at any time. Contact our management team if you’d like to modify your current office.


Q: Can I use the business address to register my company?
Yes, you can. You may register your business with the Melbourne Connect Co-working address as soon as you’ve been approved for membership and the license agreement has been signed.


Q: Do I need to pay a security deposit, and when is it required?
The security deposit is a one-time payment required as a part of your initial invoice. The Security deposit is held throughout your membership – like a bond. It is a liability and security requirement if significant damage is done to the property or you default on your payment.
We require a security deposit for Private Office and Dedicated Desk
memberships, as they include 24/7 building access. The security deposit value is equivalent to two months’ membership and can be requested for return with written notice upon termination of the service agreement.


Q: How do I book a meeting room, and when will I be charged?
You can easily book through your dedicated portal. Select your
preferred meeting room for your specified date and time – subject to
availability. Memberships are thoughtfully designed to give you a tailored credit allowance to cover your meeting room usage. On the off chance that your credits run out, you will be notified to pre-purchase credits to replenish your credit allowance towards meeting rooms, and payment will be due at the time of credit purchase.


Q: What do I do if my meeting room booking runs overtime?
We understand that meetings can run over their scheduled time sometimes. If this happens, please alert your team, and provide a courtesy notice to those who may be waiting to use the room. Should a scheduling conflict arise, we will gladly assist you in relocating your meeting to another suitable room.


Q: Is there a cancellation policy for meeting rooms?
Yes. Cancellations of meetings within 48 hours of the meeting occurrence will incur a cancellation fee and be billed to your next monthly invoice.


Q: What kind of events do we host?
We run carefully curated community events focusing on health, wellness, entertainment, charitable causes, networking, and socialising opportunities. Where available, invitations to our precinct’s events will also be extended to you via our dedicated portal.


Q: What are the Membership cancellation policies?
For all Virtual Addresses and Co-working memberships (Dedicated Desk/Flex Desk) on month-to-month term commitments, we require one 1-month. Written notice to be given for termination of services.


Q: What is the guest policy?
You are welcome to bring guests and out-of-town staff.
The team consistently monitors the safety and floor operations daily and requires everyone to register their guests with building security. In addition, you must accompany guests when on-site in the general common areas.

Q: Can I leave my belongings onsite?
Yes. Locker rentals are available for purchase for $40/month.


Q: What are the hours of operation?
Business hours are 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.


Q: When are monthly payments due?
Monthly payments are due on the 14th day of each month.


Q: Will I receive a receipt once my monthly payment has been
When remitting monthly payments, you will always receive a receipt for successful or unsuccessful payments. For your convenience, all the below payment methods are accepted:

  • Credit card
  • Direct Debit
  • EFT – Electronic Transfer of Funds

These can be updated via our dedicated portal.


Q: How can I update the address listed on my invoice?
You can update payment details and address and view past and
current invoices in the dedicated portal.


Q: What internet do you offer?
We offer an enterprise-grade internet solution for guaranteed speed,
optimal performance, and security. We have high-speed, unlimited Wi-Fi and LAN, as well as primary and secondary link connections to eliminate any speed reductions during peak consumption hours on our shared network.


Q: How do I connect my device to the Wi-Fi?
Once you have joined our community of innovators, our Community manager will provide you with your personalised credentials to log in.


Q: Is there a separate Wi-Fi network that guests and visitors should

Yes, we have a guest wireless network accessible to all visitors.
Select the guest network, fill in the prompted fields, and you’ll be
promptly connected. 

Q: If I have a new Team Member, how do I set them up with
building access?

Please speak to our Community Manager and let them know when your new team member starts and any other requirements they may need to set up before their start date. 

Q: What are the mail and package handling policy?
All received mail parcels and packages are delivered to private offices on the same day. For all Virtual Address customers, all received mail parcels and packages will be stored and locked securely at reception for pick up and mail redirection as requested.


Q: How do I get notified of a mail and package delivery?
You will be notified by email when we receive mail or a package on your behalf.


Q: What do I do if I lose my access card?
If you lose your access card, please notify our team immediately for
deactivation. We can then arrange a replacement access card for your use.


Q: How do I access the building during after-hours?
Customers with 24/7 access allowances (Private Office and Dedicated Desk Memberships) can access the building with their access cards anytime. Other memberships will only be able to access the facility during business hours – 9 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

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